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At Prestige Shipping, we pride ourselves in our attention to detail and industry knowledge. As specialists in the transportation of automobiles both nationally and internationally we offer two options for our customers wishing to ship new, used, expensive high-end, classic, antique or collectors cars.

Roll On/Roll Off Service

Roll On/Roll Off Service, or Ro/Ro is the most common type of automotive shipping and is simple in its design. Basically, cars are driven onto a vessel and parked below deck to protect them from outside weathering during the voyage. When they arrive at their destination the cars are then driven off board to a location where they can be picked up by their owner. Sometimes large boats are also shipped this way on trailers if they do not fit in transport containers.

Container Shipping Service

The alternative to Ro/Ro Service is to transport the vehicle inside a metal shipping container. This practice is most commonly used for vehicles of high value to protect them from surrounding environmental factors during the move. This service is also used when the transport vessel does not have Ro/Ro Service capabilities or if the car is not in working order and can't be driven on and off the boat.
Both methods are equally safe and efficient; our trained staff can assist you in deciding which shipping service works best for your vehicle.

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